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Velcro Leader, Stretch Bungee Tie Lead 4'

4' Long Stretch Tie Lead with Velcro.

The Velcro Stretch Tie Leader is designed specifically for use with horses that pull back when tied. The lead is great when securing your horse to a hitching rail, a pole, a horse trailer, even to a high tree branch.

Custom lengths available as well.

(If you are attaching to something like an eye bolt, see the Stretch Cross Ties or Trailer Ties)

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This lead has an extremely heavy duty solid rubber bungee type core that stretches, and it is encased in a poly cover that stretches with the lead when it gets pulled taunt. The inner core is designed not to break when a horse pulls back, but if for some reason it should break, the outer cover stretches, eliminating any sudden jerk, or whip lash. The outer cover DOES NOT BREAK.

Owning a tack store for over 24 years, I have seen many bungee leads and was not impressed by any of them. Most of these other bungee leads had an inner core that looks like a lot of tiny thin rubber bands. It doesn't take a whole lot of pressure for these rubber bands to break and the outer core is so thin that when the inside breaks, the whole lead breaks in half, and the horse is thrown backwards - thus whiplash. And believe me, I saw a LOT of these leads broken in half!

This Stretch Leader is a great lead for a horse who has a tendency to pull back when tied. When tied with a common halter and lead, horses can learn that if they pull back enough something will finally give way and off they go. This Stretch Leader lead works similar to the old inner tube idea, where the rubber has give and take as the horse pulls. There is no sudden "stop" as they pull back, so they don't seem to panic. I have seen a few problem horses and mules that repeatedly broke halters, lead ropes, and even chains give in to this lead. After being secured with this lead repeatedly, their pull-back problems were resolved. I also had many customers rave about how wonderful this lead is and tell me stories of how their animals were cured of pulling back.

I also believe that for a young horse that is just learning to tie, this is a great tool. Most horses are going to pull back at some point, and if they are secured with this Stretch Lead from the start they won't get that trapped feeling when they hit the end of a solid lead rope. Instead, it still has some stretch to it and they give in quicker, without developing the panic.

How to use The Velcro Leader:
(1) - Wrap lead around your hitching rail then attach the Velcro strap around the rope (see photo)
(2) - Never attach Velcro straps around your wrists or use as a handhold.
(3) - Do not use velcro as a quick release with The Velcro Leader fully extended. This may result in injury to the horse or handler.
(4) - Use a good quality halter so hardware does not break - preferably a Be-Nice-Halter.

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