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Stubben EZ Control Bit 2271 Full Cheek 5"

5" Stubben 2271 EZ Control Full Cheek Snaffle

Thickness: 14mm
Cheeks: 6 1/4"

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Benefits of an EZ Control Bit:

*This bit has long and extended arms above and below the mouthpiece with a ring attached to it. The cheeks have a good lateral guiding effect which enhances the response of the horse on the outside rein when riding bends and circles.
*The leverage effect is not very high. It can be increased however when used with bit keepers, which keep the bit more fixed in the mouth.
*Full-cheek-snaffles have proven to be especially good for training young horses and lungeing work.
*The biggest danger with full cheek snaffles is that posed by the lengthy arms themselves. These arms can get tangled up with reins, leg wraps, and even with the nostrils and lips of the horse. A full cheek should always be used with a restraining loop on the bridle, which hooks over one of the arms and helps keep them in a fixed position, thus preventing interference with the nose and lips.

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